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2001 and Hardy Amies: When Fashion and Film Collide

This quite brilliant video is available exclusively on the Hardy Amies website. It discusses the famous designer’s (he was once Royal outfitter to Queen Elizabeth II) involvement creating costumes for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).


We could go into details, though frankly you would be better off just watching the video for yourself. It is around 16 minutes long and worth every second. Look out for some very interesting titbits concerning the famous Pan-Am ‘grip shoes’, where Amies gathered inspiration and how scary but talented milliner Freddie Fox (also The Queen’s outfitter) created those wonderful egg-shaped helmets.

2001_Hardy Amies hat front_cap

2001_Hardy Amies suits side_cap

Incidentally, an exhibition of Hardy Amies’ work for 2001: A Space Odyssey is on display from now until 20th June at Los Angeles County Museum of Art featuring sketches and actual costumes from the film. Amazing.

You can watch 2001: A Space Odyssey at LOVEFiLM.com.

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  1. FRED

    Very interesting documentary… even if none of the interviewed persons ever mention the work of André Courrèges, the french high couture creator Hardy Amies took a lot of inspiration from for his costume designs on 2001…

    Oh well…

    • EXACTLY. I thought it was odd that Courrèges’ Moon Girl collection was not mentioned. Though maybe that hit the cutting room floor..?

    • FRED

      Well, if that’s the case I would have cut the snobby little guy from Hardy Amies house instead of any info about Courrèges’ work !
      ; )

      BTW I think that the “egg hat” main inspiration came from the “rain dome” created by italian designer Emilio Pucci for BRANIFF airways’ hostesses.

      I (as SKIN JOB 66) have posted info there :


  2. Dublo

    That video isn’t working any more, Chris. Massive shame because I’d love to see it. Huge fan of the costumes for 2001 and of Hardy Amies.

  3. Thanks for telling me Ben. I’ve fixed the video so it should be working fine now. Well worth a watch.

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