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A Colourful Tale: The Costume Canvas of Dick Tracy

A preview of Clothes on Film editor Christopher Laverty’s article on the vibrant costume design of Dick Tracy for Arts Illustrated magazine. Truly unique, Dick Tracy is as close to a comic strip brought to life as any film before … Continue reading

Get on Up_Costume sketch_Late 1960s_Image credit Unversal-001 © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Get on Up: Sharen Davis Shares Costume Design Sketches

As Get on Up, director Tate Taylor’s look at the life of singing legend James Brown, hits UK screens we have some fantastic sketches to share of the film’s costuming. Costume designer for Get on Up is the one and … Continue reading

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Internal Affairs: A Black and White World

Internal Affairs (1990) is an excellent stone cold thriller. The costumes are a subtle tease, revealing personal information that the characters never say out loud. Like many movies released in the late 1980s/1990s, Internal Affairs radiates uneasiness caused by shifting … Continue reading

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Become The Babadook

On the surface the Babadook is just another bogeyman: prickly, sinewy, all arched limbs and spiky digits. And this is the point: he is just another bogeyman; it is what he represents that really matters. Without spoiling too much, The … Continue reading

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Brian de Palma’s Passion: Costume as Contemporary Hitchcock

Director Brian De Palma has made movies heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock before, but Passion (2012) is the first one whose characters look like they stepped out of one of Hitchcock’s classic films. Karen Muller-Serreau’s bold and colourful costumes communicate … Continue reading

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Snowpiercer: Q&A with Costume Designer Catherine George

Chances are you have not seen Snowpiercer yet due to its limited availability and release fiasco. If so, skip this interview and watch the film first. Go in clean, because Snowpiercer really is as good as everyone’s telling you. Based … Continue reading

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The Selfish Giant: Costume Design for Social Realist Drama

Clio Barnard’s stark yet heart-wrenching film The Selfish Giant (2013, UK) offers two fantastic performances from its young stars in their acting debut. Matt Price discusses how his costume design for the film reflects the strong, relatable characters so well… … Continue reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel_Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori uniform top_Image credit Fox Searchlight Pictures © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Dressed to Serve: Costume in The Grand Budapest Hotel

SPOILERS From a costume point of view, and therefore a character point of view, The Grand Budapest Hotel (directed by Wes Anderson) is all about uniforms; those worn by men and women in official capacities and those adopted as a … Continue reading

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Interview with 47 Ronin Costume Designer Penny Rose

Where to start with Penny Rose? Pirates of the Caribbean? Evita? King Arthur? Most recently of course 47 Ronin (directed by Carl Rinsch). You do not hire Penny Rose for something small. This is not to say she won’t work … Continue reading

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The New Batsuit Reveal: Cute But Sinewy

The top half of Ben Affleck’s new Batsuit has been revealed, as created by costume designer Michael Wilkinson for the barely in production Batman vs. Superman. At first this black and white Bats looks kind of pettable, thanks to those … Continue reading