Christopher Laverty photographed by David Wade at Photak.

My name is Christopher Laverty and along with some eager contributors (see below), I write and edit all of the content for Clothes on Film. In October of 2016, my first book about costume design was published by Laurence King called Fashion in Film. It’s a rich, beautifully illustrated look at the work of fashion designers in the world of movie costume, including such names as Prada (The Great Gatsby), Giorgio Armani (American Gigolo), Diane von Furstenberg (Taxi Driver), plus many others. It was a culmination of several years hard work and as my first book will always remain close to my heart. As for Book Two, keep watching this space. Also drink Gibson martinis (feel free to ply me with these) and spend a lot of time in charity shops.

Apart from writing books I contribute to several publications including Empire and Arts Illustrated. I also wrote a piece for Matt Zoller Seitz’s book The Grand Budapest Hotel and a chapter about costume design in the digital age for Hollywood Costume by Deborah Nadoolman Landis. You can occasionally catch me chatting about movie costumes on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4’s The Film Show or The Monocle podcast. If you grab a copy of Boardwalk Empire on DVD (season one) you’ll even see me in a nice vintage two-piece talking about some of the finest suits to ever stroll in front of a camera. By the way if you’ve never seen Boardwalk Empire might I suggest you drop whatever is happening in your life now and rectify that.

The Contributors:

Over the years, Clothes on Film has paid host to some wonderful contributors. Everything from essays to interviews have been published by those with a real passion for cinematic costume design. Here’s the roll call of names:

Bonnie Radcliffe, Kristin M. Burke, Adam Batty, Jill Burgess, Simon Kinnear, Matt Spaiser, Amber Butchart, Dr. Deirdre Clemente, Aisling O’Connor, Ashley Clark, Katy Werlin, Limara Salt, Louise Junker, Abbey Bender, Josie Sampson, Dallas King, Neil Alcock, Lesley Holmes, Lisa Magnuson, Suzanne Rowland, Kristin Koga, Aurélie Coulibaly, Corinna Tomrley, Sara Bivigou, Maggie Costumer’s Guide, Brenda Hineman, Sarah H, Ben McCarthy, Kate Snowden.

If you’d like to contribute your own article to the site, email me at [email protected] and we can chat.