• Joy

    Interesting post! It’s something that I feel a lot of people should be aware of.

  • Riley

    Great article! Really explained the art and subtitles of Costume Design that a lot of people overlook!

  • BookSnob

    Wow. That was really interesting. I especially love how you broke down the Inception crew. I definitely have another thing to watch for when watching movies. Yay!

  • David Whitehead

    Really interesting article. I’d never really considered the importance or impact of costume choices on non-period films. I’ll be much more aware now.

  • chrissy fryers

    Fantastic article. I am a costume designer and was so pleased to read everything that I have been saying for what seems like years. I’m finding it hard at the moment finding people who are willing to pay proper rates for what I call ‘a real costume designer’ as you described in your article, all to often I come across the ‘that’ll do’ attitude especially when dealing with modern day plays and films.

  • Amanda Lee

    Kind of like Jodie Fosters blazer/jacket always kept me intrigued and interested in “Silence of the Lambs”

  • Ffion

    “In this abridged version of a feature originally published in Moviescopemagazine in December 2010”

    Could anyone tell me what volume/issue that mag was?

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