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Inception: Costume Style Analysis VLOG

Clothes on Film editor Christopher Laverty joins regular From Tailors With Love VLOG hosts Peter Brooker and Matt Spaiser, plus special guest Bobby Morelli of Matched Perfectly, to discuss the costume design of Inception.

With only days to go before the release of Tenet (in the UK at least), there has never been a more appropriate time to revisit Inception. Of course both films are directed by Christopher Nolan, but even more importantly they are both costumed by Jeffrey Kurland. Ostensibly similar in style to Tenet, though we shall see, despite being a decade old, Inception has dated extremely well – in terms of the film itself and the costumes. It’s a menswear wet dream of suits and sports jackets, shackets and dreamy textures. In the VLOG we discuss such matters as the film’s enduring look, what the costumes mean in context of the story and exactly who was responsible for all that tailoring. Check out the link below:

Many thanks to Peter Brooker for recording and editing the video.

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