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New Trailer for Tenet, aka The Best Film Ever Made

A new, absolutely stonking trailer has dropped for what we confidently predict will be The Best Film Ever Made, Christopher Nolan’s latest, Tenet.

It is almost impossible to watch the trailer (below) and not think of Inception (2010), even though this more of a ‘vibe’ thing than any plot familiarity. The plot, of course with this being Nolan, is just scratched upon at this stage. Basically, it’s time about ‘inversion’ and lot of beautiful people in beautiful clothes going on a mission. Another link to Inception is returning costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, back for more sexy menswear that will, with any luck, kick start a NON SKINNY suit and seperates revival. Robert Pattinson seems to be getting the lion’s share of ever so slightly louche looks, à la Tom Hardy in Inception. Really though everyone is going to look gorgeous, of that we have no doubt whatsoever. We spoke to Jeffrey Kurland a few weeks ago on Skype and his continually repeated phrase, “I cannot talk about Tenet!” told us all we needed to know. Very soon, it is ALL we are going to be talking about.

Tenet, aka The Best Film Ever Made will be in cinemas sometime this year, assuming anyone is left alive to go and see it.

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