12 Years a Slave: Rags and Tatters

12 Years a Slave_Chiwetel Ejiofor right shirt_Image credit Fox Searchlight Pictures © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

We may have to eat our words, but as it stands 12 Years a Slave is unlikely to win the Best Costume Design Oscar. It does tick some of the necessary boxes: it’s period (mid 19th century), features both crinolines … Continue reading

Costume Stories, This Week: Oscar and Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie_Rachel Bilson red_Image credit CBS Television Studios © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Her Costume designer Casey Storm on creating a “warm and cosy and soothing” future. David Chronenberg: Evolution For WORN, Haley Mlotek examines the costumes on display at the Chronenberg exhibition, most of which are by the director’s sister, Denise. Unfortunately … Continue reading

British Costume Designers: A Migration of Talent

Jessica Rabbit Production Cel 2 from Who Framed Roger Rabbit_Copyright Disney, 1988-001 © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

From Chris Laverty’s regular column ‘Fabric of Cinema’ for Arts Illustrated magazine, here is an abridged version of the most recently published essay ‘A Migration of Talent’. The current issue of Arts Illustrated focuses on those that have moved across … Continue reading

American Hustle: Beneath the Glamour

American Hustle_Jennifer Lawrence dress Marigolds_Image credit Columbia Pictures © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

MILD SPOILERS Costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s main accomplishment with American Hustle has largely been overlooked in favour of praising him as some kind of vintage stylist with an eye for provocative gowns and desirable heels. The truth is he has … Continue reading

The Muppets Most Wanted: Set and Costume Visit

The Muppets Most Wanted_Miss Piggy mid_Image credit Disney © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

‘Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour, selling out grand theatres in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid, Dublin and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves … Continue reading

Top Costumes of the Year 2013

Only God Forgives_Ryan Gosling white t-shirt top_Image credit FilmDistrict © 2013 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

What a busy twelve months it’s been for costume design. Really though, this art, or craft, or business (Deborah Nadoolman Landis insists it is definitely a business) gets more talked about each year. 2013 was especially exciting however as it … Continue reading