American Psycho_Christian Bale top blood raincoat_crop_cap © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

The Bloody Sartorialist: Christian Bale in American Psycho

American Psycho (2000, costume designer Isis Mussenden) is a late 1980s set film that highlights the importance placed on external appearance and the disparity that can lie between this and the true nature of a person. The ‘Psycho’ of the … Continue reading

The Iron Lady_Meryl Streep blue coat top_cap.bmp-002 © 2013 Contributor. All rights reserved.

The Iron Lady: Costume as Distinction, Gender and Protection

A look at late Margaret Thatcher’s colour specific wardrobe as represented in the film The Iron Lady. Continue reading

No Country for Old Men_Javier Bardem front full_cap-001 © 2013 Contributor. All rights reserved.

Reading Costume Design in No Country for Old Men

The colours and codes of the costume design in No Country for Old Men. Continue reading

The Phantom of the Opera_Gerald Butler black mask, Emily Rossum-001 © 2012 Contributor. All rights reserved.

The Phantom of the Opera: Colour, Character and Costume

The Phantom of the opera demonstrates that the colour, size and shape of a character’s costumes can communicate on a subliminal level. Continue reading