Game of Thrones_Sophie Turner season 5 costume cloak_Image credit HBO © 2015 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Game of Thrones Costume Evolution: Sansa in Black

The highly anticipated season five premiere of Game of Thrones aired across the globe this week, giving us tantalising glimpses of where our favorite characters are now. We saw two brief scenes of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), who had a … Continue reading

The Babadook_CU_Image credit Icon © 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Become The Babadook

On the surface the Babadook is just another bogeyman: prickly, sinewy, all arched limbs and spiky digits. And this is the point: he is just another bogeyman; it is what he represents that really matters. Without spoiling too much, The … Continue reading

Iron Man 3_Robert Downey Jr suit top_Image credit Walt Disney Pictures © 2013 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Iron Man 3: A Different Kind of Suit

Spoiler warning: We examine the use of suits, iron or otherwise, in Iron Man 3 to conceal and recreate identity. Continue reading

A Separation_Leila Hatami sunglasses side-001 © 2012 Contributor. All rights reserved.

Illuminate More Than Hide: Costume Design in A Separation

The religious and cultural significance of the costume design in foreign language Oscar winner A Separation. Continue reading

Robin Hood_Lea Seydoux, Oscar Isaac_Copyright: Universal Studios © 2010 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Robin Hood: Costume Photo Fest

Want another look at Janty Yates’ costume design for Robin Hood? Thought you might. Continue reading