I am Love_Tilda Swinton red dress 3 c_cap © 2015 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Beautiful Oppression: Tilda Swinton in I am Love

From stills of this film alone you could easily be forgiven in thinking that I am Love (Io sono l’amore, 2009) was set during the 1960s. The designer clothes draped worn by lead members of the Recchi family, as selected … Continue reading

The Look of Love_Steve Coogan main_Image credit FilmFour © 2013 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Costume Stories: This Week, Look of Love and Man of Steel

The week’s costume stories and links. Continue reading

Vertigo_Kim Novak_Grey suit, Carlotta rear-1 © 2012 Contributor. All rights reserved.

Costume & Identity in Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Edith Head’s costume design for Vertigo demonstrates the power of clothes in forming identities on-screen. Continue reading

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Basic Instinct: Sharon Stone, Devil in a White Dress

There more going on with this outfit than an absence of underwear. Continue reading