The Last of Us_Ellie gun, Joel wallpaper_Image credit Sony Computer Entertainment-001 © 2013 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Realism through Identity: Clothing in The Last of Us

If you have played The Last of Us on Playstation 3 it has likely ruined video gaming for you. The world created is so vivid and believable that every game afterward just feels dated and empty. Throughout, The Last of … Continue reading

Hollywood Costume at V&A_Ruby slippers Oct_Image credit V&A © 2012 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Hollywood Costume Exhibition Opens at the V&A in London

A rundown of why Hollywood Costume at the V&A is the best event you will see all year. Continue reading

Do the Right Thing_Spike Lee, Richard Edson, Samuel L Jackson hat_cap-1 © 2012 Contributor. All rights reserved.

Style & Identity in Do the Right Thing

Ruth E. Carter’s work on Do the Right Thing is a masterclass in how costume can influence the look and feel of a film. Continue reading

Winter's Bone_Jennifer Lawrence check shirt mid_Image credit Momentum © 2012 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Winter’s Bone: Rebecca Hofherr Interview

Costume designer Rebecca Hofherr talks exclusively to Clothes on Film about her incredible contribution to Winter’s Bone. Continue reading