The Dressmaker_Kate Winslet_black strapless top_Image credit Universal Pictures © 2015 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Costuming The Dressmaker

Twenty-five years ago, costume designer Margot Wilson was a student living in Paris when she picked up a roll of red, moire silk fabric during a shopping trip to Milan. She didn’t know why, or what for; she wasn’t even … Continue reading

Top Hat_Ostrich Feather Dress_Ginger Rogers_Fred Astaire_Backbend.bmp © 2010 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

Top Hat: Ginger Rogers’ Ostrich Feather Dress

The most memorable musical number ever captured on film, and Ginger Rogers’ dress contributes to this greatly. Continue reading

The Cats Meow_Kirsten Dunst_beach pyjamas_full length pants.bmp © 2009 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved.

The Cats Meow: Kirsten Dunst’s Chanel Style Beach Pyjamas

Costume designer Caroline de Vivaise dressed Dunst in nautically themed beach pyjamas, which were not just suitable for the location, but also a nod to Marion’s forward-thinking ways. Continue reading