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The Costuming of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

There is no doubting that Joker (here played by Joaquin Phoenix) is unlike any movie featuring the character that has EVER been on screen. As costume designer, Mark Bridges embraced the film’s dismal, crime ridden, nihilistic 1981 setting and created a sartorial palate almost entirely devoid of warmth.

Mr. Bridges is a two-time Oscar winning costume legend. This is what might be deemed one of his ‘smaller’ projects (it’s a comic book movie in name only – this is no tentpole picture). He threw himself into it, however, as he does with every movie he makes, to build a believable world of poverty running up against the 1%. Plus, an all new style and colour Joker suit is one of the best yet.

Joker is currently on general release.

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