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The Gumshoe Chic of Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart (1987)

Angel Heart (1987) is not a movie you easily forget; you’ll know if you’ve seen it because you will never look at Robert De Niro in the same way again, that’s for sure. However, he is not the focus of this latest video – that honour belongs to Mickey Rourke.

Absolutely at his zenith during the mid-late 1980s, in Angel Heart Rourke plays an aimable private investigator, or ‘gumshoe’, called Johnny Angel, suckered into a dastardly and outright evil case by De Niro’s may-or-may-not-but-likely-is literal devil character. It is set in 1955 and costumed by Aude Bronson-Howard, who would also work with director Alan Parker on Mississippi Burning in 1988. Johnny Angel is scruffy and sloppy in his dress but fits his world suitably enough. Yet, most interesting of all is something about his trousers…

Sorry, but you will need to watch the video to discover what that’s about.

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Angel Heart is currently available with a 4K Blu-ray restoration.

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