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The Suits of Lee Marvin in Point Blank (1967)

Actually that title is a tad misleading – it’s all the clothes worn by Lee Marvin as kick-ass-tough-guy-on-a-mission Walker in Point Blank. This is the second video in a new Clothes on Film feature breaking down costume design in sartorially interesting (or just way cool) movies and, in some cases, television. 

Costumed by Margo Weintz, Point Blank is stone-cold neo-noir thriller, one of the best of its kind, focusing on Marvin’s Walker and his score settling against those who double crossed and left him for dead on an abandoned Alcatraz island. The film is known for its sharp suits, which are all covered in the video, but also for some serious layered meaning and narrative interpretation – again covered here. Spoilers from the get-do though, so be warned…

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Point Blank is currently available on HMV‘s premium collection Blu-ray.

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