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A Sneaky Peek at The Green Hornet Costume

The merest glimpse at Seth Rogen’s costume for The Green Hornet has turned up online. And it is a glimpse.

For those unfamiliar with The Green Hornet, and let’s be honest he is perhaps not that well known outside of fan circles, the premise is classic crime fighter lore.

Brett Reid is a newspaper publisher by day, but by night he dons an eye mask and leather gloves to become vigilante ‘The Green Hornet’, ably aided by his chop-socky manservant Kato. The Hornet possesses no superpowers and is not even that strong in a fight. Though he does have a couple of gadgets, namely a gun that fires knock out gas, another that shoots a ‘sonic blast’ and a car that dispenses more optional extras than OO7’s Aston Martin. For starters, anyway, that really is all the uninitiated need know.

Originally a radio show in the 1930s and then a comic book in the 40’s, The Green Hornet was immortalised as a television serial in the mid-1960s starring Van Williams as Reid and Bruce Lee as Kato. The movie will likely take primary inspiration from the latter.

The Green Hornet_Van Williams_TV.bmp

Van Williams’ Green Hornet outfit (above) consisted of a dark mid-length single breasted Chesterfield coat with fly front and velvet collar, trilby or fedora with pinch crown and green mask to create the silhouette; white shirt, black necktie, black leather gloves and slim leg trousers (part of a suit) to complete the look.

Obviously with such a fleeting glance at what appears to be Seth Rogen’s stunt double wearing the costume in the new movie, it is not known how far, if at all, director Michel Gondry will deviate from the Williams template.

In Splash News‘ shot on the fly footage we can at least determine that a fedora definitely features and that the sombre Chesterfield is nowhere to be seen, not yet anyway. A matching two-tone green waistcoat and trousers with double cuff white shirt is an evident throwback, along with the essential green mask.

So we don’t learn much, but it is interesting to see that this new Hornet has not had an embarrassing ‘high tech’ makeover. Moreover on a round face like Rogen’s, a wider brim fedora is debatably the more flattering fit.


Splash News have added more costume photos to their site, just click through the link below. The ensemble now looks to be green felt trilby (narrower, sharper upturned brim), green overcoat with contrast lining and epaulettes (not a Chesterfield), green silk necktie and black leather dealer boots.

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