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Alice in Wonderland: Four Images to Enchant Thee

Just because it’s Friday, here are four glossy images from Tim Burton’s upcoming version of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful costumes by Colleen Atwood.

Anne Hathaway’s long white dress for the Snow Queen is a suitably dramatic piece. The pearl trim and heavy silk both scream wicked luxury. This is costume design at its most theatrical.

Helena Bonham Carter’s Medieval inspired outfit of precious gold, red and black is a joy to behold. It must weigh a ton with all that boning, fabric structure and layering. Also looks fab rendered in CGI.

This on-set photo with Tim Burton directing features the blue Alice prom style dress worn by Mia Wasikowska (tiered dress HERE), which incidentally has been given a high fashion makeover by designers Alexander McQueen, Haider Ackermann and Christopher Kane. Difficult to see in this shot, but it is adorned with cute bunny embroidery details.

Finally Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter: Edwardian, Victorian, romantic and a Dolly Mixture stock, plus the world’s best known top hat with a peach silk ribbon. Depp’s super-mad hair might take some getting used to though. Those eyebrows should have airspace restrictions.

Alice in Wonderland is out on 5th March of this year. If you cannot wait, then tough, you will have to. Should be worth it though, for the visual bombardment alone.

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  • Elissa

    Hiya! I just discovered your blog via Outsapop and it’s awesome! I’m shocked you don’t have more comments, but I hope it doesn’t discourage you because I am really enjoying reading it. Lots of people do posts on how their outfit of the day was inspired by a certain film, but this is loads more interesting. Keep up the great research!!

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