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Costume Stories: American Hustle and Hollywood Costume

The last TWO weeks in costume. Sorry, we were a bit busy.

Paul Walker

Costume designer Kristin M. Burke worked with Paul Walker on Running Scared. Here she shares a few personal memories of the man and the professional.

Hollywood Costume

The New York Times reviews the book we wrote a chapter for. Perfect for Christmas, or anyone inconsiderate enough to have a birthday around this time of year.

Deborah Nadoolman Landis

DNL presents a new show on TCM looking at memorable costume design. Twenty films covered in total every Friday night at 8 pm through December. American telly only though. Boo-erns.

American Hustle

So excited about this movie we can barely sleep. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson provides a heads up about his sensational looking contribution.

Sandy Powell

She spoke in conversation with Kinvara Balfour last week.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Georgio Armani talks about his most recent collaboration with Ms. Powell.

The Blacklist

Christine Bean reveals all for Tyranny of Style.

Saving Mr. Banks

A few details (including a costume sketch) about Daniel Orlandi’s work on the film.

Tom Broecker

Mr. Broecker does his stint on the costume cafe podcast.

The Wizard of Oz

A pair of those ever so slightly famous ruby slippers fetch $2 million at auction.

Profiles in History

They have another auction coming up on 21st December, literally full of movie costumes and memorabilia you can’t afford.

Ben Affleck’s Batman (working title)

Big Ben has been bulking up too much for his current film’s costumes, apparently.

Capitol Couture

Trish Summerville’s Catching Fire capsule collection went on sale at Net-a-Porter. The laser cut leather dress is rather nice, but at £800 is ought to be.

Singin’ in the Rain

The owner of Gene Kelly’s suit paid $10 for it back in the 1970s. $10!


Josh Winning presents five fascinating facts about the costumes.

Robocop reboot

That big ole robo suit wasn’t very comfortable. Again.

10 Worst Super-villain costumes at HeyUGuys

This is actually an excellent list with sound justifications. Can’t argue with The Riddler.

The Walking Dead

Another brilliant Josh Winning post, here interviewing The Walking Dead series costume designer Eulyn Hulfkie-Womble (great name).

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