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Costume Stories, This Week: American Hustle and Versace

Costume titbits you may have missed.

America Hustle

Tom and Lorenzo cast their expert eyes over the American Hustle character posters.

Costumer of Awesome

Who is the Costumer of Awesome? Whoever he/she is they clearly work in the business and have a unique plus hilarious way of putting said crazy biz in perspective for the rest of us.

Sleepy Hollow

Why does Ichabod never wash his clothes, you may or may not be daft enough to ask.

The Art of Costume Design

CUT! Costume and the Cinema – a period costume design exhibit at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

House of Versace

Costume designer Claire Nadon got no help from Versace whatsoever for her work on the Lifetime TV movie.

Richard II by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Video: Interesting look at a busy cutting/dying world introduced by Head Costumer Alistair McArthur.

Breaking Bad

30 days of Saul Goodman outfits. This. Is. Marvelous.

Deborah Nadoolman-Landis

Sophie Shillito attended The High Priestess of Costume’s recent talk in London and blogged about it for DTSFT. More impressively she resisted shrieking at an attendee who muttered a borderline offensive question.

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