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Costume Stories: This Week, Diana & TIFF

This week this happened in costume…


Rush, Alpha Papa and now Diana, costume designer Julian Day is everywhere at the moment (good, because he’s very talented). Here Day explains a little about undertaking what must have been one of the trickiest costume jobs of the year.


All about Emily Thorne’s (Emily Van Camp) wedding dress. Preview: Jill Ohanneson designed it herself.

Trish Summerville

Video: The 2013 Stylist award winner looks understandably bemused throughout Pop Sugar’s excitable interview.


Helen o’Hara skilfully pulls apart the film’s frankly disgusting misogyny.

Northern Costume Social Event

Advice for those in the TV/film costume game.

Toronto International Film Festival

Leaving aside award friendly period attire, Nathalie Atkinson takes a detailed look at the costume treats on offer at TIFF.


Joe Kucharski’s (Tyranny of Style) fantastic look at the evolution of the TV nerd for Guise mag.

Museum of Style Icons

Thanks to Luci O’Brien for the heads up on this one – gorgeous costumes and ensembles worn on screen or in front of flash bulbs, many with design sketches alongside.

Dressing for the Apocalypse

Gavia Baker examines the plausibility, and more interestingly the implausibility, of certain sci-fi costumes.


Video: The show’s producer Scott Reynolds interviews his costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager

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