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Costume Stories: This Week, FIDM and Breaking Bad

Costume’s big stories for the week.

Ender’s Game

Brief interview with Ender’s Game costume designer Christine Bieselin-Clark – she worked on Tron Legacy with Michael Wilkinson and is a nice person.


Fascinating, clued-up read by Girls do Film (no relation).


More than 120 television costumes on display. Salivating.

…and then read this wonderful, in-depth Tyranny of Style review and have a heart attack.

House of Cards

Costume designer Tom Broecker got in contact to say how much he enjoyed our article. How cool. Gives us an excuse to promote it again, too.

Sean Parker’s wedding

Costume design – that’s right – costume design by Ngila Dickson (The Lord of the Rings). Beautiful bridal gown.

Breaking Bad

Own THE hat.

How to become a costume designer

Not really a ‘how to’ guide but certainly worth a read.

Kristin M. Burke

After 21 years in the costume game, she finally gets her own director’s chair. No-one has deserved one more.

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