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Costume Stories, This Week: Frozen and Ane Crabtree

Happy New Ye- oh we’ve done that already. Carry on.

‘How Hollywood is ruining a Billion Dollar Industry’

Amber Jane Butchart found this amazing article from 1938 and it is essential, and occasionally shocking, reading.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Video: Legendary costume designer Mary Zophres shares a few words about ‘uptown and downtown’ style.

Ane Crabtree

Contributor Kristin Koga talks to the costume designer about her career so far and their shared ethnicity. Cannot recommend this interview enough.

Giorgio Armani

GA chats to ES about his famous movie suits. Funnily enough he neglects to mention that Marilyn Vance-Straker had to re-tailor all his costumes for The Untouchables because they didn’t fit the principals.


Tyranny of Style discover why Disney’s Frozen features the most accomplished costume design of any animated film yet.

Jenn Rogien

A new Telegraph feature looking at important figures in fashion. Rogien is a costume designer, but thanks to Girls her influence on the fashion industry can’t be denied.


There’s an (expensive) tie-in clothing range for Her. Sigh. Still, you could always buy some properly high waisted trousers from Old Town instead.

Costume Designers Guild

The award nominations are in, as are BAFTA. Remaining tight lipped for now, but we’ll be analysing the CDG/BAFTA and Academy Award winners in full later.

Downton Abbey

Caroline McCall on the ‘Lanvin influence’.

Costume Design Award Contenders Discuss Creating Character

Hmmm, not sure every name on this list should be up for an award…

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