Costume Stories and Links

Costume Stories, This Week: Game of Thrones and Spider-Man 2

Two weeks of juicy costume links.

Sandy Powell

A costumer who needs no introduction. This Sunday at the J. Paul Getty Museum she discusses the use of period photographs in her process.

Puttin’ on the Glitz

Tyranny of Style contributor Sophia Shillito recaps the British Library’s night of jazz, costume, gangsters, fashion and cocktails.

Costume Test Photographs

Costume tests for famous movies! Vera Miles as Madeleine!


Joan Bergin talks Vikings season 2 addressing why the show hasn’t received any costume noms. It’s not very good, which may be factor, though that has nothing to do with the costumes.

Saddle Shoes

Lots and lots of saddle shoes, from Twin Peaks to Stoker on Superqueen’s lovely new look site.

Ann Roth

New book The Designs of Ann Roth goes on sale. World buys book as soon as possible.

Mad Men

Janie Bryant dishes on the season 7 premiere.

…and episode 2.

…aaaaaaand The Guardian considers if the show has changed the way we dress.

Game of Thrones

Costume, make-up and hair secrets of THAT episode where THAT happened.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Q&A with Bina Daigeler about her stunning stunning costumes.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Nicely detailed Den of Geek interview with Deborah Lynn-Scott concentrating on the webslinger’s newly updated costume.

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