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Costume Stories, This Week: GTA V and Halloween

Costume on the brain? This won’t help.

Michael Wilkinson

Technology in costume design – BRILLIANT Costume Cafe podcast by Colleen Monroe.

Sleepy Hallow

Pilot costume designer Sanja Hays explains why Ichabod won’t be dressing in Gap tees anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto V

Always indespesnible and relevant Tyranny of Style interviews GTA V costume designer Lyn Paolo, who also worked on TV shows Southland, E.R. and The West Wing.

American Hustle

Michael Wilkinson honoured for his work on a film we are jumping up and down with excitement for.


More Lyn Paolo talking about Kerry Washington and co in Scandal.


…and EVEN MORE Lyn Paolo, here with fellow costume designer Jill Ohanneson giving tips on TV inspired Halloween outfits.

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  • Lucy Ashford

    Oh Lawd. Grand Theft Auto….love the pic in the middle. Says so much. what theyre wearing, the body langauge, omg it just speaks volume and hit the nail right on the head with most people.

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