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Costume Stories, This Week: Indiana Jones and Godzilla

Catch up with the costume gossip you’ve missed.


“Contemporary in design with a multitude of uniforms”, says costume designer Sharen Davis. We remember chatting to Ms. Davis about her work on Godzilla during an interview for Django Unchained – she was so stoked to be working with director Gareth Edwards.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Q&A with ace Louise Mingenbach which we haven’t read because we haven’t seen the movie yet.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

For the film’s 30th birthday an enticing look back at Anthony Powell’s costume design by Tim Pelan for Cinetropolis.

Game of Thrones

More secrets in the costumes, unless you want to do the work yourself.


The always worth visiting Recycled Movie Costumes has spotted where you may have seen that (pre-Photoshop) Belle dress before…

Passionate Beauties and Sensual Bohemians

Kay Noske posts a dreamy Sunday afternoon look back at the costumes of classic movie sex symbols and radical boho babes.

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