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Costume Stories, This Week: Inside Llewyn Davis & Mockingjay

This week you may have missed…

Ingenious Costume Design

Good list from Rebecca Clough at Den of Geek of ingenious movie costume design. And while we’re about it, congratulations to another of their regular writers, Ryan Lambie, for his FDA Richard Attenborough Blogger of the Year Award.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Kristin M. Burke has a chat with the Coen brothers’ regular costume designer Mary Zophres.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Trish Summerville out, Kurt & Bart in for the third Hunger Games movie. Odd after Summerville being such a successful choice, but we get the feeling this is most intentional. Cash hungry producers have realised Katniss’ costume designers are a selling point in the world of fashion. They want to keep it fresh.

American Horror Story: Coven

Superqueen looks at the finale. We didn’t read this because there are spoilers within. It’s Superqueen though, and she always writes good stuff.

Doctor Who

The new Doctor’s costume has been unveiled. We get Howard Burden’s idea of stark and clean, but that red lining looks too vampy.

Withnail & I

Nathalie Atkinson interviews costume designer and self-confessed hippie, Andrea Galer, about the enduring legacy of Withnail’s coat, which Atkinson notes, has a remarkably similar vibe to Sherlock’s in the BBC series.

Janie Bryant

Needs no introduction. She’s making socks now.

Vampire Academy

Can’t say this film fills us with expectation but check out some of Ruth Myers’ costume sketches. The school uniform look totally needs a revival.

American Hustle

Jennifer Lawrence spilt Dorito dust down her dresses while on set. Sorry this is not really news is it?

Batman Vs. Superman

The new Bat suit is “unbelievably cool” according to Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner. Apparently Ben “didn’t want to get out of it”. Kind like us with pyjamas then.

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