Costume Stories and Links

Costume Stories: This Week, Mad Men and Revenge

This week’s world of costume design reduced to links and soundbites.

Kristin M. Burke

Costume designer Kristin M. Burke talks about her career. Love this interview and love Kristin.


Merida gets a rather shocking makeover by Disney.

The Great Gatsby

It’s out now so we can all judge for ourselves. In the meantime here is Catherine Martin talking about how she made the costumes ‘feel modern’.

Sophie de Rakoff

Legally Blonde and This Mean’s War costume designer Sophie de Rakoff discusses the misunderstood job of creating contemporary looks on-screen.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer tweeting more pics of Louise Migenbach’s 1973 era costumes.

Mad Men

Catch up with Janie Bryant’s new looks for season six.


A slide-show lowdown of Jill Ohanneson’s costumes on the new series, including $100,000 worth of Samira 13 pearls and a $12,000 Vera Wang.

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