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Costume Stories: This Week, X-Men & Marathon Man

Costumes! Read all about it!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Will Victoria Beckham be the film’s costume designer? Oh dear, we smell another Black Swan situation.

X-Men: First Class

Part two of Gavia Baker’s superb costume round up. This time: menswear.

Gwen Russell

The costume maker of Dangerous Liaisons (not the costume DESIGNER like this sloppy article states) – she lives in Croydon, don’t cha know?

Camera Ready

In development TV show by Syfy, where 10 costume designers compete to create works of sartorial art for film, TV and music videos.

Blue Jasmine

Insightful guide to Cate Blanchett’s terribly chic and expensive costumes.

Marathon Man

Mode Parade has something interesting to say about Roy Scheider’s sharp Meledandri suits in the film.

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  • ca

    The costume designer of Dangerous Liaisons was james Achenson, and it was he who won the Oscar for best costume design, Gwen Russell is credited as the costume maker, not costume designer. it’s still important, but she was not the designer unlike what that article states.
    Sorry for being such a nitpicker.

    • Chris Laverty

      You’re absolutely right. I pasted the link on in a hurry, but that’s no excuse. I hate this type of error too so I should have spotted it. Thanks for putting me straight.

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