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Costume Stories, This Week: Yves Saint Laurent and Mad Men

This week’s costume design news.

Mad Men

“She buys her clothes two sizes too small, more 50’s than 60’s.” – Janie Bryant knows her Joan.

Yves Saint Laurent

Costume designer Madeline Fontaine’s predictably difficult job costuming the immaculate biopic.

…and sticking with Yves, HERE‘s Kate Muir’s article inspired by the film for The Times featuring Clothes on Film ed Christopher Laverty.

Sunday in New York

Another stunning analysis by Kay Noske, this time focusing on Jane Fonda’s enviable wardrobe as ’the only 22 year old virgin left in the world’.


Part 2 of Hello Tailor’s in-depth analysis. Even if you can’t be bothered to read the article (though you really should), it’s worth visiting just to see the first photo of Mads.

…and THIS flipping fascinating look at Hannibal’s watch by HT’s brother. More please.

The Americans

Love this show, and the early 80’s are always PERFECT – never too much, always just enough. This new Costume Cafe Podcast by wonderful Colleen Monroe with costume designer Jenny Gering tells us why.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Milena Canonero goes all candy coloured for Wes Anderson.

Thor: The Dark World

Hopeless movie, but if you liked Wendy Partridge’s costumes here are some photos from a recent display in LA.

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