Debbie Reynolds’ Costume Collection Up For Auction

Since the 1960s, show business legend Debbie Reynolds has been stockpiling and promoting the preservation of Hollywood costumes, props and other memorabilia. Now she is selling her whole collection… CLICK HERE two download a PDF of the catalouge.

The auction is to be held in several stages by Profiles in History, a leading dealer of autographs, manuscripts and vintage signed photographs. Costumes featured in the first sale include: Gene Kelly’s 3-pc wool herringbone suit by Walter Plunkett for Singin’ in the Rain (1952), Audrey Hepburn’s embroidered lace ‘Ascot dress’ from My Fair Lady (1964) designed by Cecil Beaton, Adrian’s gingham test dress for Judy Garland used for the first two weeks of filming The Wizard of Oz (1939), Vivian Leigh’s green velvet drapery dress hat (with bird adornment) for Gone With the Wind (1939), Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Tramp’ bowler hat (well, one of them) and countless other gems – or about 700 in total. Frocktalk have excellent photos of the lots at the Paley Center, Beverley Hills preview.

However the real reason to re-mortgage your house is for Marilyn Monroe’s white pleated ‘Subway dress’ from The Seven Year Itch (1955), estimated to be worth $1-2 million dollars. Her likewise William Travilla designed red sequin gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) is there too, just in case you come up a million or so short.

To download a PDF of the lots CLICK HERE. Auction one commences June 18th with a second in December.

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  • Angela Hornung

    I am interested in anything from the movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor…either costume or prop…thank you.

  • Crystal

    Please don’t auction these fine pieces of fine clothing for auction.
    They have history, a story, and a real person connected to them.
    The costumes are something that we all can relate to when we watch each of the movies that the stars played in. It’s our only connection.
    If everyone owns a piece of history, it’s locked up somewhere never to be seen for decades or a century; or until that owner is dead.
    It should go to a place like the Natural Museum of History in DC.

  • Rev Curt Miner

    Does anybody know if Ms Reynolds’ collection includes any costumes from any of the Jesus Films? I would be especially interested in anything worn by Ted Neeley in “JC Superstar” or Victor Garber in “Godspell.”

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