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Drake’s Fashion: Uncharted the Movie Has Writers

More concrete news that an Uncharted movie based on the smash hit PS3 game is about to go into production. Believe it or not we have a possible style franchise here.

Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake (voiced by Nolan North) is the dry as kindling hero of Sony’s super successful adventure outings for Playstation 3. Though there have only been two games so far, a third is in the pipeline with four, five and six probably already at the drawing board stage.

Latino Review are reporting that Uncharted the movie is likely to be written by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly. Oppenheimer and Donnelly were behind what many believe to be Indiana Jones’ spiritual successor Sahara (2005) starring Matthew McConaughey. Hopes are running high. Could this be the first ever decent video game adaptation? More importantly could this be the film that Indy 4 so crushingly wasn’t?

A kind of cross between Harrison Ford as Indy and Bruce Willis’ John McClane from the Die Hard series, stubbly Drake has spent two globe-trotting romps chasing after the treasure of El Dorado (in Drake’s Fortune, 2007) and just a couple of months back the lost city of Shangri-la (in sequel Among Thieves).

There are supplemental characters thrown into the mix, notably some larger than life villains and a fun love triangle between feisty Elena Fisher (voiced by Emily Rose) and feistier Chloe Frazer (Claudia Black). Storytelling though is basic at best; the dialogue on the other hand is quick and refreshingly knowing.

What’s also interesting is that the games’ developers Naughty Dog have created a subtly unique style of dress for each character. Less overtly boobs and bottom as Lara Croft or downright bizarre as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (mullet and eyepatch? Even ironically the Snake Plissken look is a tough sell in 2009).

In Among Thieves, Drake sports his now patented half-untucked long sleeve layered t-shirt and relaxed fit jeans. Blonde love interest Elana follows with a tighter half-untucked white shirt and low slung jeans, while brunette Chloe opts for midriff sporting red vest and super low slung cargo pants that would be impractical to sit down in let alone leap from collapsing buildings or explore the insect ridden jungles of Borneo.

New villain Harry Flynn (Steve Valentine) has apparently raided the isles of Topman for his tattoo print, epaulette v-neck t-shirt and dirty wash jeans. Drake’s best friend and old time adventurer Victor “Goddamn!” ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Richard McGonagle) prefers a short sleeved Hawaiian print shirt and cigar. He might be even cooler than Drake.

Chances are every single character mentioned above along with a host of new faces will make it into the movie, which is supposed to be based on the initial game first and foremost. Most importantly though Drake’s half-untucked shirt is likely to kick-start the most coolly wearable movie fashion craze since those Agnès B black suits From Reservoir Dogs (1993). Designer tie-ins will be forthcoming.

Now if they can just announce that Nolan North is playing Drake too then we have on-paper anticipation to rival that of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Second thoughts, let’s not build it up too much.

Source: Latino Review

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  • Kaden101

    They should just do it animated. Let Naughty Dog loose on the animation. Keep the original cast, & just get proper directors/producers to put the plot & script together.

    Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

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