Dressing the Part: Historical Costume Event

If you live anywhere near the Getty Center in Los Angeles, get yourself along to their ‘Dressing the Part: Historical Costume on Film’ event, not least because it features a panel chaired by former CDG president Deborah Nadoolman Landis.

Commencing this Spring, two exhibitions are taking place at the Getty Museum relevant to period costume design in movies: ‘Fashion in the Middle Ages’ analyses how manuscript illuminators depicted dress from tradesmen to kings to pops, while ‘Paris: Life and Luxury’ examines the rich wealth and inventiveness of 18th century Parisian costume.

The event gets underway with an introduction to medieval and 18th century fashion by art historian Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, followed by costume designers Deborah Landis and three time Academy Award winner James Acheson (The Last Emperor, Dangerous Liaisons, Restoration) discussing the difficulties of interpreting such eras for the screen; i.e. visual authenticity as opposed to out and out historical accuracy.

Basically, this comprises a comprehensive study of how and why period costume design looks the way it does. Needless to say you should catch it if you can (curse Clothes on Film for living on the wrong side of the pond).

Dressing the Part: Historical Costume in Film is on 5th June, 3.00 pm at the Getty Center, Harold M. Williams’ auditorium. Admission is free but reservations are strongly recommended. Tel (310) 440 7300.

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