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First Photo from Vincent Cassel’s Beauty and the Beast

Not much to go on, but this project is already looking a bit WOW. Director Christophe Gans is adapting French fairytale La belle & la bête for the screen starring Léa Seydoux as the Belle and Vincent Cassel as the Beast. Costumes are by Pierre-Yves Gayraud (Cloud Atlas, The Bourne Identity), seemingly channelling fantasy via mid-late 18th century France, which is roughly when the original story is set, plus a tiny bit of Eiko Ishioka thrown in for good measure.

Beauty and the Beast_Léa Seydoux, Vincent Cassel_first photo_Image credit Pathe International

Gans directed Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), an insane yet quite brilliant adventure/horror, based on a true story and also set in late 1700s France. Costumes for that film were by Dominique Borg, who incidentally should be signed up for the upcoming Assassins Creed movie immediately (watch Brotherhood of the Wolf to see what we mean).

Borg may not be working on Beauty and the Beast, though Gans’ adaptation seems to be in safe hands with Pierre-Yves Gayraud. It probably won’t be subtle but it’s a fairytale so who wants that? Velvet and leather and as much as possible please.

Beauty and the Beast in released in France on 12th February 2014.

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