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From Tailors with Love Podcast: Discussing the Tom Ford Look

The From Tailors with Love podcast hosted by Peter Brooker and Matt Spaiser should already be on your regular poddy playlist, and now fluffy haired, 70’s serial killer styled editor of Clothes on Film, Christopher Laverty, has joined the duo as a (hopefully reoccurring) guest. Peter is a James Bond aficionado with an excellent blog and Instagram account of Bond news, finds and even outfit recreations. While Matt is arguably the living authority on everything that James Bond has ever worn. He’s written a couple of must-read pieces for Clothes on Film (here and here) and his own blog The Suits of James Bond is unmissable for anyone with even a passing interest in the world’s most conspicuous spy’s sartorial escapades.

For this episode, the entirety of which can be watched below, we discuss exactly what the Tom Ford ‘look’ means for Bond in his present incarnation and whether this is even remotely a reflection of the designer’s actual house style. Throw in some chat about why flares are actually flattering on a suit, what defines sixties men’s style on screen, and, most significantly, Matt’s love of the opera, and you’ve got a pretty entertaining half hour or so.

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Massive thanks to Peter Brooker for recording the video and allowing us to reshare. You’re a diamond, sir.

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