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Get Engaged by Twilight: A Merchandising Step Too Far?

The Infinite Jewellery Co. have created a genuine diamond engagement ring as inspired by Bella Swan’s worn in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It may not be the smartest way to spend £1,300.

‘Twihards’ are a hardcore bunch and good luck to them. It has been the same with Harry Potter, Star Trek, even the illustrious Toy Story – everyone remembers Buzz Lightyear Christmas, right? Yet surely even these loyal fans will see this ring as a cynical merchandising plug for their (or their parents’) hard earned cash.

To get some perspective, however, it should be noted that there are several variations of this ring available. A ‘Fashion’ version for £40, ‘Fine’ for £330, and the big one, ‘Genuine’ for £1,300. The latter design is made from real diamonds and 14 carat gold, so is not necessarily tat. Though the question remains, for posterity are you sure you want to?

Understandable that at this moment in time serious fans of the movie, which are by and large, if not exclusively teenage girls, will consider this ring an essential purchase. Thankfully the majority of girls at this age will not be able to afford the top end version meaning that ‘Fashion’ will have to do. No issue there. Fans collect merchandise, that is what they do, and £40 is not overdraft baiting for most folk.

So that just leaves proper grown ups with enough money to buy ‘Genuine’. Hopefully most will say no and opt to get engaged with a ring that will actually mean something when they are old and grey. Just because Kristen Stewart wears a similar style in an upcoming movie, does not mean it will help you a) look her age, or b) experience romance on the kind of epic level that makes Gone With the Wind seem like a Jennifer Aniston rom-com.

Then again, who are we to judge? Belstaff thought nothing of making a tie-in Inglourious Basterds S-Icon jacket that was seen for about five seconds in the movie, and punters happily paid £1,100 for it. The Twilight engagement ring, the top whack model anyway, is quite pretty. Certainly the Victorian-ish styling is vaguely eye-catching and it was co-designed by Twilight’s author Stephenie Meyer, should that really mean anything.

Yet the problem remains that it is extremely tacky. No amount of carats or gold is going to change that. We only hope that whoever purchases this ring leads a full, contented life and is perhaps able to retain a sense of humour about the whole thing in years to come. They may need it.

Source: The Guardian

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