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Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer: Colourful Past

Frankie Says Watch the HD trailer (redband too) HERE

Surely worth a look for eighties fans, the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine starring John Cusack recently arrived on the web. It’s Back to the Future, for drunk guys.

The plot for Hot Tub Time Machine is completely mental and probably wouldn’t be attracting any internet attention were it not for the noteworthy cast involved (meaning Cusack and eighties survivor Chevy Chase). It does seem like an amusing idea however.

A group of middle aged guys take leave of their boring lives for a wild night of drinking in a ski resort Jacuzzi. They get completely sozzled, fall asleep and then wake up in the year 1986. Seriously, that is your twenty words or less.

The guys include Adam (John Cusack), recently chucked by his girlfriend; Nick (Craig Robinson) whose wife watches him like a hawk, past-it party boy Luke (Rob Corddry) and Jacob (Clark Duke) who won’t stop playing video games. A cameo at least for Chevy Chase should be the Christmas icing on anybody’s cake (if this wasn’t released in March anyway).

Relatively new on the scene costume designer Dayna Pink (Crank: High Voltage, Fame) is the person responsible for all those retrospective fashions on display. Clearly she pulled out all the stops…

The colours – oh, the colours. Lurid pinks, turquoise and jade green on everything from stretch Lycra to cardigans (point of interest, the skiing lady with a jade leather jacket and blonde hair looks like Lady GaGa). Eyes peeled too for stonewash denim, ripped denim and that upturned collar and Miami Vice t-shirt ensemble. Even ironically you would be pushing it to get away with such hideousness today. But do try.

Happily the film does seam pretty funny, although maybe a little tired. Judgment will of course be reserved until the final print, which will likely arrive at cinemas via Sinclair C5 convoy. Well, one can hope.

Hot Tub Time Machine is out March 2010 in the US and 7th May in the UK. If it kicks off a new trend you’ll wish you had kept that grey fleck suit and piano key tie after all.

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