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Jacques D’Azur’s Heir Found: Enjoys Bespoke Tux & Lots to Drink

After the tragic loss of Jacques d’Azur, his heir steps unto the breach and thanks to Stella Artois 4% enjoys a one-off lifetime to Cannes. He starts with a shave, ends in the VIP room of a classy nightclub, and does a lot of drinking in-between.

We all wondered anxiously who might replace über sophisticated filmmaker Jacques d’Azur. That devilish charm, witty repartee, an immaculate dress sense that made Cary Grant look lazy by comparison. Yet because of their stupendously generous competition, we had nothing to worry about. Stella Artois 4% found him.

Watch the video and taste your salty tears as this bemused but clearly ready for it heir strolls around the Cannes Film Festival is his elegant dinner jacket, sporting a cutthroat clean chin and enough Stella Artois 4% on tap to keep him merry for two days straight.

Welcomed as the new ‘King of Cannes’ (for it is true), Jacques‘ heir was treated to a helicopter ride, fancy hotel, wining, dining, ride in an old Citroen, plus enough attention from the ladies to make Brad Pitt reach for Botox.

No doubt about it then, the man in the custom dinner suit is not only the new Jacques d’Azur but, dare we say, without the ageing stories of sixties beach starlets and long gone film producers, maybe he is even better? One thing is undoubtedly certain, he will never be thirsty.

Post sponsored by those immaculate outfitters Stella Artois 4%.

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