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Latest Trailer for The Great Gatsby: Fancy Clothes

Latest and possibly last trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby before its début at the 66th Cannes Film Festival. It mainly focuses on the film’s contemporary soundtrack (which totally works), but there are still of plenty of Catherine Martin’s glamorous costumes to admire.

We have already made our thoughts clear on the Catherine Martin/Prada collaboration for The Great Gatsby in THIS ARTICLE. It is worth reiterating however that even though Prada’s name shouts loudly from most overexcited fashion websites as having designed all of Carey Mulligan’s costumes as Daisy Buchanan, in reality Prada only designed one of her costumes from scratch – a party dress. Moreover Ms. Martin collaborated with Brooks Brothers just as closely as they provided 1920s patterns to create 500 suits for main cast and extras. Quite how the neo-twenties look will translate in the finished film obviously remains to be seen, but for the moment at least, just like that very modern soundtrack, it all seems to work.

The Great Gatsby is released on 10th May.

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  • kilian

    i want this pullover ! does anynody know where i cant find the one which di caprio wears ?

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