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Milla Jovovich Tweets Herself in Three Musketeers Costume

Just a short while ago, Milla Jovovich posted these Twitter pics from the first fittings of her The Three Musketeers costumes. They’re grainy, but still provide a worthwhile peep at the work in progress:

Milla Jovovich (tweet): ‘Quite a collar on that chick! Lol! Its like a kick ass “midsummer nights dream”!’

This billionth film version of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers is directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (incidentally Jovovich’s husband). We would also love to tell you who the costume designer is, but we don’t actually know. So if anyone can help us out, please do.

Milla Jovovich: ‘Here’s the canvas sample 4 the dress! Incredible right?! That’s w out any fabric, ruffles or hairpieces. So fun!’

The Three Musketeers is set during the 17th century, a progressive time for fashionable dress. After all this was the decade that Charles II invented the three piece suit. For women the dominant look was pasty face and pasty chest, the latter displayed with the deep ‘décolletage’ (or plunging neckline). Two, sometimes three skirts were worn, often adorned with lace, although as the century wore on such decoration became more restrained.

Milla Jovovich: ‘And full length…

In these very early photographs, Milla Jovovich is exhibiting at least some these elements, a plunging neckline perhaps being the most obvious (and some enormous bonnets). Yet this is only a generalisation, plus historical accuracy in not the only consideration of the period costume designer. Above all else Jovovich’s outfits must represent her character – in this case the villainous Milady de Winter.

We will have to wait a while to see how the film turns out; it is due for release on 15th April, 2011. Plenty of time to make those gowns look even more pretty.

Source: HeyUGuys

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