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New Tron Legacy Banners Bring the Costumes

Three international banners for Tron Legacy have just been released by Disney. The information drip feed for this film is relatively slow, but these do at least reveal some detail of the light suit costume.

To be fair the Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn banner is the only new one. Here he is wearing a long twill weave coat with flared sleeves over his robe (which we must say seems entirely computer rendered in this image). Those light boots look amazing, however. Incidentally, Adidas have made some Tron inspired Stan Smiths to tie in with the movie, as well as two high-tops revealed at Comic Con in July. Unfortunately these are reflective with glow in the dark stitching and not LED.

Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn and Olivia Wilde as Quorra are wearing similar boots with their Lycra, mesh and leather light suits. Olivia Wilde’s boot has a longer, more typically feminine shape with a higher wedge heel. The material cutaways at the shoulder of her costume and leotard shape to the seat further reinforce this point.

Costume designer for Tron Legacy is Michael Wilkinson, with likely input from original Tron director (and creator) Steven Lisberge (now co-writer) and Jean Giraud’s vision as engineer of the first film’s game environment.

The premise of Tron Legacy revolves around 27 year old Sam Flynn (Hedlund) searching for his missing father Kevin, once the world’s leading video game designer, in a high-tech cyber universe where he has been trapped for twenty years. Help comes in the form of Quorra (Wilde), a warrior who acclimatises young Flynn to the advanced weaponry and vehicles at his disposal. Add an exclusive Daft Punk score and it is difficult not to be intrigued.

Tron Legacy is released to the eager masses on 17th December.

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