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Oscars 2020: Red Carpet Livestream

This year, Clothes on Film editor Christopher Laverty is honoured to be joining the ‘Game of Queens’ crew as a guest for pre-Academy Awards chat about the Best Costume Design nominees, followed by some gleefully bitchy takedowns of the red carpet fashions – LIVE!

Game of Queens is comprised of Heidi, aka Costume Co on the Twitters, expert costume analysis YouTuber. Alongside Tatiana Melendez, currently preparing for a Masters in Musical Theatre and Aaron Le Fay, a costume designer, fashion lover and cosplayer – and for this 92nd Academy Awards broadcast, Christopher Laverty, who talks a lot of nonsense but occasionally gets away with it because of the British accent. Game of Queens will broadcast throughout the Oscar night so feel free to hang around with the (presumably boozy) trio into the wee small hours, long after their so-called ‘special guest’ has slipped into his flannel PJs and dozed off dreaming of moustache wax.

Our broadcast kicks off at 23.00 GMT (gotta love a bit of military time), which is when live red carpet coverage begins on the Academy’s official Twitter account and ABC telly and Sky Cinema (just sign up for a seven day free trial with Now TV to watch and then cancel it – it’s what we did). Lord Clothes on Film’s segment will run for approximately two hours, or until he’s forcibly taken off the air. Be there or be in bed, dahlings.

Link to the Livestream below:

The 92nd Academy Awards take place on Sunday 9th February.

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