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Prada Provided Carey Mulligan’s Gowns for The Great Gatsby

The secret is finally out, and it had to be Vogue who made the announcement for their September issue, because this is not something that could just slip out under the radar: Miuccia Prada provided Carey Mulligan’s gowns as Daisy Buchanan for The Great Gatsby.

Vogue interviewed Prada who exclusively revealed that she was not directly influenced by the story’s 1920s setting but rather tweaked her own designs (some 40 dresses) to be reflective of the period. Prada, who is granddaughter of the label’s founder Mario, has already worked with The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann three times before, so her involvement should not come as too much of a surprise. Costume designer Catherine Martin is no stranger to fashion collaborations either; here she used Brooks Brothers’ archive for Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and many of the extras’ suits.

While Miuccia Prada’s name will undoubtedly get The Great Gatsby back in the press after it was announced Warner Bros. are holding back the film from its original Christmas release to summer 2013, such early coverage is almost redundant. With so much hype already surrounding The Great Gatsby, the studio’s decision to reschedule their biggest upcoming project is puzzling. Even if this does position them for the more lucrative summer season, it robs the picture of widely anticipated awards season gloss.

One imagines Vogue were disappointed too; the best kept secret in costume design and they have no choice but to run it practically a year before the film is in cinemas. Prada however is still a force to be reckoned with, and where the label goes (plus Miuccia’s own Miu Miu brand), others scramble to follow. It does not look as though that twenties flapper revival is going anywhere just yet.

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