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Two big stories that I was proud Clothes on Film ‘broke’ was the revelation that despite what they had been telling the press, Rodarte were not the costume designers of Black Swan. It took a frank interview with the actual costume designer of the film, Amy Westcott, to clarify that. This story was picked up everywhere from The Guardian to The New York Times. I’m not going to lie; it put Clothes on Film on the map. Second, and perhaps my favourite, was when costume designer Jeffrey Kurland told me that Cobb’s children glimpsed seemingly in the same repeated scene at the end of Inception were actually wearing slightly different clothes. This was a huge deal because it essentially revealed that what Cobb was seeing at the close of the story is reality and not a figment of his memory. I love just how much this shows the true nature of costume on screen – to define character AND drive the plot. You merely have to look.

Below are some of the places Clothes on Film has popped up in over the last seven years. I publish far less now due to the book writing presses (my first title Fashion in Film is out now), but the site is not going anywhere just yet. Plus the ARCHIVE is teeming with enough articles, news and interviews that you could easily kill several afternoons with. Click around and enjoy.

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