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Rush Trailer: Olivia Wilde Looks Sensational in 70’s Costume

It has been a couple of weeks since this trailer surfaced, but having missed it then we feel it’s worth a post now. For anyone remotely interested in period costume, Rush looks to be something of a seventies-fest.

Rush (directed by Ron Howard) tells the true story of Formula One drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) focusing on their intense and dangerous track rivalry. It is set in 1976 and features a wardrobe of era favourites such as fur trimmed coats and head-scarves for Olivia Wilde as model Suzy Miller and ringer tees for Hemsworth. Wilde does look incredible in this period, her hair and make-up are perfect – swept fringe, heavy eye-liner and dusty tan.

Rush_Olivia Wilde eyes top_cap

Rush_Chris Hemsworth ringer tee top_cap

British costume designer Julian Day (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Brighton Rock) and Ron Howard are evidently going for a accessible version of the seventies, keeping it familiar without drowning us in taupe. This is such a fun and still wearable era today. If only Rush could inspire as much retro revival hoo-ha in fashion spreads as The Great Gatsby. Sadly this is unlikely, unless of course Day asked Prada to design the crash helmets.

Rush is released on 20th September.

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