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Saving Mr. Banks: Costume Design Featurette

A slight but worth watching video about the costume and production design for frothy Walt Disney biography Saving Mr. Banks. If you have not seen the film it won’t spoil anything, and will probably get you wanting to dress in sixties suits and dresses again, like Mad Men did in the early days.

Costume designer for Saving Mr Banks, Daniel Orlandi (Down With Love, Frost/Nixon), chats a little about his approach, which is how you might expect for a period movie where clothes are weaved into the narrative rather than absolutely intrinsic to it, i.e. show but do not ‘show off’ the era. Orlandi wanted the female cast to be progressive in their attire to reflect changing times, though still, in his own words, “look like a lady”.

Saving Mr Banks_costume sketch suit_By Daniel Orlandi_Disney

Saving Mr Banks_costume sketch tweeds_By Daniel Orlandi_Disney

Costume sketches copyright Daniel Orlandi, 2012.

Saving Mr. Banks is currently on general release.

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