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Skyfall Teaser Trailer Hits: Provocative

The teaser trailer for James Bond’s 23rd cinematic outing Skyfall hits and, as you might expect, raises anticipation levels to the stratosphere.

From a clothes perspective there are no great reveals here; little more than the drip feed of Tom Ford suit shots we have been fed so far. Costume designer for Skyfall, Jany Temime, is new to the world of Bond but appears to be keeping things traditional. Seeing 007 in a tracksuit is not too devastating (he is jogging), lounge suits are slim and sober harking back to Sean Connery’s reign, there is a tux, and if anyone can wear a ¾ length black overcoat – also see Quantum of Solace (2008) – it is Daniel Craig.

There has been controversy over the fit of Craig’s suits in Skyfall. Certainly they appear to be snug, although without further information and context it is difficult to judge who is responsible, Temime, Ford or Craig, and why. Bond does seem to be in protection mode for the film; Craig is carrying more muscular bulk than ever before and could be playing a bodyguard role for at least some of the story. A tight suit reinforces this notion, along with a visible earpiece in several of the Istanbul location shots. Whatever the reason it results in perhaps the meanest looking Bond yet.

For our few glimpses of the female costumes we can decipher Naomi Harris as field agent Eve in red, Judi Dench’s M in a winter coat and Bérénice Marlohe as likely femme fatale Sévérine modelling a black sheath dress from a skyscraper window. Not much then. Moreover next time we want to see, as in more than just silhouette, Javier Bardem as villain Raoul Silva. For now though, who could not be excited by the return of ‘proper’ Bond?

Skyfall directed by Sam Mendes is released on 26th October.

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    • Chris Laverty

      There has been a lot of talk on the net (see The Suits of James Bond blog for example) about how Daniel Craig’s suits in Skyfall are snug to the point of ill-fitting. Why is not exactly clear, as I said in the post it could be relevant within a story context, but they are clearly not the typical fit for a Tom Ford suit.

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