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Star Wars Corsets: Force Needed to Get into Them

If you have ever found Star Wars just the least bit kinky, prepare to loosen your breeches. Costumers EveningArwen have made some intergalactic inspired bodice crushers that are sure to send any Force fans into hyperspace.

Clothes inspired by movies are nothing new, though official tie-ins often reek of the merchandising conveyer belt churning out more megabucks for studios (see HERE). Despite these EveningArwen corsets obviously tipping more than a passing nod to Star Wars, neither ‘Galactic Trooper Corset’ nor ‘Galactic Lord Corset’ have anything to do with George Lucas’ ‘American epic space opera franchise’ (Wikipedia). Well, that is the official line anyway.

Not for everyone, perhaps not for most people, but for hardcore space/costume/dressing up/pain aficionados, EveningArwen has done you proud with a look that is sure to stop a room full of unsuspecting guests dead just as sure as it will stop your blood flow.

The force is strong with this one”. Yep, it will need to be, if you want to lose that promised ‘4 to 5 inches’ off the waist.

Source: CocoPerez

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