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The American: Sylish Costume Pics

A few random images from The American starring George Clooney, really for no other reason than the costume design by Suttirat Anne Larlarb is so stylishly contemporary and, despite the title, clean and European. It’s going to be a good looking film.

The American (directed by Anton Corbijn) is an upcoming thriller about expert assassin Jack (Clooney) who holes up in Europe after his last disastrous job. He vows his next hit will be his last, but being as this is a feature length movie that was not very likely to happen. And it doesn’t.

George Clooney’s serious hitman Jack, here casual in hip length lightweight jacket and black zip sweater. Very much designer outdoor wear for those who want to look as good as the countryside they are walking in. Selected costumes for Clooney were provided by Italian fashion house Zegna.

This beautiful wool dress co-star Thekla Reuten is wearing as Mathilde is by Malò . The style, seasonal specific with rollneck, long sleeves and tie belt suits Reuton’s shapely figure perfectly. The colour too is subtly warming. Her leather boots are by Keytè.

Paolo Bonacelli as Father Benedetto is in a tightly buttoned Nehru or ‘Mao’ collar coat – worn in this context as his priestly uniform (n.b. The American is set primarily in Italy and Sweden).

Clooney in plain single breasted dark grey suit and open neck collar shirt. Timeless.

Irina Björklund as Ingrid in a luxuriously snug and fluffy in a co-ordinating winter coat and long grey fleck sweater.

Violante Placido as Clara, mysterious and moody in fitted leather jacket and purple suede handbag. Likely the story’s femme fatale.

The jacket is cut short revealing Placido’s similarly short dark blue dress (or matching jacket and dress) underneath. Suttirat Anne Larlarb has employed muted colours, probably to infuse The American with a more mature vibe. Again, contrary to the title, the film seems very European in visuals.

Dutch director Anton Corbijn (Depeche Mode music videos, Control) is at least as sharply dressed as his cast. A Belstaff Trailmaster jacket..?

Images copyright (c) 2010 Focus Features LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The American is due for release on 1st September in the U.S. For now HERE are the trailers to keep you going.

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  • josh

    Readers may care to know that all of Clooney’s wardrobe was provided by Zegna, so the film is more American in title alone.

  • Cha Golda

    Who is the designer of the wool dress Thekla Reuten wears in the movie “The American”? It seems wonderful, soisticated and comfortable at the same time.

    Char- just a curious movie goer

  • ciaociao

    Just to clarify even further, much of Clooney’s wardrobe was Zegna –notably most of his trousers, that suit, and a sweater — the jacket he wears all the time was not — I believe it’s by Marlboro Classics, also an Italian brand. A few other items of his wardrobe are by an assortment of other Italian brands…

  • Natalie Boenker

    Did anyone ever find out who the designer is of Thekla Reuten’s sweater dress that she wears and her boots? Just saw the movie and I’m dying to find out. Thanks!

  • Annina

    Great images and layout. I”m also searching endlessly on who makes the knit creme dress Thekla Reuten wears. Any luck finding who?

  • lynn

    I too have been looking for the dress worn by Thekla Reuten. I found one that is very similar at
    I am still looking for the original so hopefully Chris will come up with an answer for all of us!

    • Chris Laverty

      I’ve never had so many people avoid talking to me about a costume in my life. There must be a reason for it, but if anyone from Focus Features is reading this (and I know they have been), please get in touch and tell us who made the dress! The people want to know!

    • Ms. Hill

      Chris, you said that the boots Thekla Reuten wears are made by Keyte and prior to that Sam said they were made by Tod’s. Which one of these designers makes them? I’m dying to find these boots. I have been searching to find where to buy Keyte boots and have not been able to find but 2 pairs that are not the ones she wears. Can you help please? Thank you!!

    • Chris Laverty

      Well, my information came direct from Focus Features. I’d have to see the film again in its entirety to get a proper look at the boots though. Tod’s or Keyte, I would imagine they’re several seasons past by now.

  • Robb Poutre

    I was wondering about the black duffel/backpack from the film, George Clooney carries it. I saw it on the Gilt sale but dont recall the manufacturer. I found another site saying it is a “Silverman Travel Bag,” however, I can’f find a company called Silverman. Any thoughts? I like the bag and would like to get one.

    • Chris Laverty

      I don’t even recall seeing it at the Gilt sale to be honest. If you’re sure it was there however it’s probably best to ask them who the manufacturer was, with any luck the person in charge of the sale will remember. HERE is their contact page.

  • Rico Rossi

    I was wondering about George Clooney’s black boots (they were in the Gilt auction, size 10).
    Would you know the origin of these? Are they custom designed?

  • Vincent


    I like the shirt, he’s wearing, when he filled in the bullets.
    Could someone help me with the brand of it or something?
    Would be very nice!!!

  • Glenn

    Does anyone know the brand of Boots Clooney is wearing for much of the film?

  • Timothy

    Merchandise from the film “The American” was in fact available on The boots you are referring to are the “Marlboro Short Boots,” and they were size 10 and priced at $1,000. The bag is the “Silverman Travel Bag” and was priced at $1,500. I believe these were the exact items used by Clooney in the film, thus the heavy price tags and the boots only being available in one size.

    • Chris Laverty

      Thanks for your comment and updated information, Timothy. There are some details about the Gilt sale HERE in this follow up piece written on 2nd September.

  • Jen

    Does anyone know who designed the coat worn by iron bjorklund in the first outside scene in the American?

  • Thomas

    After searching countless websites and ebay in several countries and joining Gilt…still can’t find a coat quite like the one Clooney is wearing through most of the film. i searched for “Fay” coats and also for “Marlboro Classics” both companies make several coats that are styled like the one in the film (which is a ‘car coat’?), but none is ever a direct match. I wonder if the coat was tailored by the costume designer from an existing model from a year or two ago.

    One of the things that is so appealing about the coat, aside from the excellent cut, is the material. Not sure if it’s waxed cotton or canvas or one of the many blends that higher end designers are doing these days.

    Anyway, thanks to anyone who can find a link.

    • Chris Laverty

      Hi Thomas. It’s worthwhile noting that most costumes are adapted in some way for use in film, even so-called ‘off the peg’ items. It is rare that a costume is available to buy in the exact same state it is seen on screen. That said, hopefully someone with a keen eye can help you out here.

  • Avery

    Well, I’m admittedly super late for this party, but I’ll throw my question out there anyway. I though one of Mr. Butterfly’s best ensembles was one of the phone booth scenes, where he was wearing a short cut blue jacket and sort of dark rust colored slacks…super muted, great out fit. My question is could you PLEASE tell me what style of Jacket that was. It is not the Blue Jacket that was discussed in your article

  • Avery

    Thanks Chris. If it helps, I believe its at the the part of the movie where he’s pretty much figured out that the gun he’s crafting is going to be used to kill him. Specifically, the jacket I’m asking about is in the scene where he’s calling his “arranger” to ask him to postpone delivery of the weapon for two days… I think… but for sure it is the jacket in one of the two or three scenes involving the phone booth. Thanks again!!

  • Avery

    Hey Chris,

    I don’t mean to be a pest… but I’m gonna bother you anyway…any progress on getting the film… I’ve been to the end of the internet and back, you honestly look like my best chance to figure out what kind of jacket it is.

    Thanks so very much for your consideration.

    • Chris Laverty

      Not yet I’m afraid, Avery. I do literally get a dozen or so requests likes yours every week in comments and emails. I do try to help where I can but it is not really the point of the site, plus I do have other work to do. I will get around to it, but with a busy timetable at the moment, it may be later rather than sooner. Re. Barney’s Version – great costume design, will definitely be covering that one.

  • Avery

    BTW… I’ve got a suggestion of a review for you…. the film is “Barney’s Version” if you haven’t already done it. Great film as well as some great fashion.

  • Rachel

    Hi! Can anyone tell me the brand of the purple sweater dress that Clara (Violante Placido) wore by the river, before she took it off! I can’t find a good photo of it for reference.

  • Candy

    Can you please tell me the style name & brand watch Keyté is wearing when she is in the woods with George Clonoey character(Jack) wearing the knit beige dress at target practice?
    I’ve watch the film at least 6 times to identify that watch

  • Jarrett

    Can anyone tell me where to find the macalister type boots worn by Clara in The American movie…I’ve searched everywhere? Thank you!!

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