The Lovely Bones: Royal Premiere Pics

Stars of The Lovely Bones, Michael Imperioli, Susan Sarandon and Saoirse Ronan meet Prince Charles.

No Clothes on Film wasn’t invited, but we have got some photos. On Tuesday 24th November 2009 the Royal Premiere performance for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones took place at Odeon Leicester Square in London. Here is what some of the important people looked like:

Puffball: In the film Saoirse Ronan plays a young girl watching over her family from heaven.

Disco: Co-star Rose McIver

Tux: The Lovely Bones director Peter Jackson

Underwear: Little Boots. Not in the film

Heavy silk: Co-star Carolyn Dando

Overcoat: Andy Serkis minus mocap suit for once

Sequinny: Susan Sarandon again looking radiant

Suited: Co-star Reese Ritchie

Velvet: Stephen Fry. Startled

So far early reviews for The Lovely Bones have been surprisingly negative. Principal complaints stem from a toning down of the film’s rather macabre subject matter (see HERE) in order to achieve a PG rating.

Photos: Getty Images

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