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The Wolfman: Some Pics for the Weekend

As it is the weekend how about some photos from Universal’s upcoming The Wolfman starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.

The Wolfman is director Joe Johnston’s remake of a 1941 film of the same name. It is set during the Victorian era, late 1880s to be precise. The costume design is by Milena Canonero (Ocean’s 12, The Darjeeling Limited).

We have Benicio del Toro in the title role as Lawrence Talbot, a man inflicted with the curse of the werewolf. Anthony Hopkins plays his estranged father, Hugo Weaving a Scotland Yard police inspector sent to investigate mysterious deaths in the hamlet of Blackmoore, while Emily Blunt rounds out the cast as the love interest fiancée of Talbot’s missing brother.

Here is a glimpse at the film’s big budget, very Gothic looking costumes:

Del Toro’s luxurious fur coat is avant-garde for the conservative Victorian gentleman. His country lounge suit is buttoned high with small lapels. The collar is stand, turn down variants were only worn for informal occasions at this time. His necktie is threaded through a scarf ring.

Somewhat Oscar Wilde style Hopkins with his patterned silk scarf and cravat. Note the shapeless set-in shoulders of his ample overcoat.

Weaving wears a formal stiff collar and four in hand necktie. His coat is cut high and slim and is probably a frock. The overcoat as we know it today only arrived proper during the middle of the 19th century. In the main it was made from heavy broadcloth (as were most lounge suits).

A loose fitting linen over-shirt and waistcoat for Del Toro. Emily Blunt is in mourning black. The neckline of the dress is rather low, though we can see the pull of late Victorian corsetry towards her waist.

Hopkins is in a top hat and sunglasses (yes, they were about then). His waistcoat is buttoned very high – an accurate touch – while his fur coat is purposelessly shapeless and lacking a horizontal seam. Del Toro wears a homburg hat and cloak. Apart from the hat, for so late in the century his outerwear is quite dated.

There are no hard and fast rules however. A period look on-screen depends on character backstory and a director’s vision, in addition to fastidious historical reference. Sumptuous is the word that leaps to mind here.

The Wolfman is due for release on 12th February 2010. We can all get gory in time for Valentine’s Day.

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  • Richard

    Hey, this is probably one of the most absurd comments you’ve gotten but here goes:

    I’m trying to figure out what that style of sunglasses is called as it looks like some sort of mix of a wrap around and a teashades.

    I know its an absurd question but this is the only place i’ve found anyone mentioning Hopkins sweet looking shades.

  • leesandro

    Hi, I have a question as well about the top hat of Sr. Hobkins.
    What kind of a top hat is that one and wear could I buy one I am very interested and personally love the Classic style and wish to have a top hat of my own.

  • Tony

    Hey there,

    I saw that Richard wanted to know more about those glasses..
    And, well, i wanna know more too, i was searching a lot online
    for those, i mean, i really really dig it….
    Ahm… is there a stylish, or a “correct” name for those glasses… ?


    • Chris Laverty

      With thanks to Marilyn from Eyeglasses Warehouse:

      Anthony Hopkins is wearing a pair of spectacles called ‘stone cutter’ or ‘cinder glasses’.

      See HERE and HERE

      Stone cutters would use them to protect their eyes from the chips. Early railway carriages did not have windows so passengers would wear these spectacles to keep the cinder from the coal of the train getting into their eyes.

      I’ve added this info to our first shop directory too – HERE

  • Alaina Rossetto

    I was wondering about the fur trim jacket Emily Blunt is wearing, while riding on horse back in the movie, what is it called or where can i get one?

    • Chris Laverty

      Hi Alaina,

      I’m afraid I’m not sure until I see the movie again. I’ll be doing a proper costume article for The Wolfman at some point in the future. Until then, hopefully someone who swings by the site can help you.

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